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Wordpress releases first official Wordpress Multi-User Edition

by Tom Johnson on Oct 27, 2006 •
categories: blogging technical-writing

This is pretty big news in the Wordpress blogging world. Wordpress multi-user edition 1.0 has been released. Wordpress multi-user editions enable others to actually create blogs from your install. I mean, you can essentially host thousands of blogs on your blog. For a long time this was the one advantage that Movable Type had over Wordpress.

This is good news for STC because now the STC can provide free blogging for all of its members. Of course, blogging has always been free at, but wouldn't it be cool if your blogging account was rather than

I was able to install it here: Try starting up a blog there just for fun.

Two main organizations are already using it. Harvard's weblogs and Edublogs. These people entered the game while the Wordpress Multi-User edition was in its early initial stages.

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