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Keith Hoffman Interviews Susan Burton, Exec. Director of the STC

by Tom Johnson on Dec 1, 2006 •
categories: podcasts

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Duration: 15 min.

Keith Hoffman, president of the Four Lakes STC chapter in Madison, Wisconsin, interviews Susan Burton, the executive director of the STC. Susan discusses the big things happening with STC, gives an overview of the annual conference in Minneapolis, and shares her view on the future of the technical communication profession.

Specific topics include:

  • The upcoming STC conference in Minneapolis
  • The conference's emphasis on value for advanced practitioners
  • Six major objectives of the STC
  • Strategies for increasing salaries for technical communicators
  • What it means to "tell our powerful story"
  • Sound financial footing strategies to offer increased member benefits and services
  • The upcoming STC website redesign as a portal of information to help members access useful information for their jobs
  • How individuals members can do to benefit the STC
  • The future of technical communication and her vision of the STC

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