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Reading Tech News: Digg

by Tom Johnson on Dec 27, 2006
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Digg is one of the most interesting sites to get news from. Digg is a user-driven site to which users can submit stories they find online. If others like the story, they rate it higher (digging it). The stories that are dug the most rise to the top. So in one day, you can look at the top story, or the top story of the week/month/year. It's an example of human-selected aggregation. The stories are usually quirky but almost always noteworthy.

You can set Digg as your dual home page in Firefox by adding | between the URLs of your home page (if you have another home page that you want to show as the default).
Digg online is of course at

Digg now also has a podcast and video category. If the podcasts are as interesting as the news stories, it will be very good tool for finding podcasts. (I often sort through my list of 20 podcasts that I'm subscribed to, and stay within those limits because I haven't found the time to subscribe to more. I hope Digg allows me to discover all kinds of interesting podcasts.)

View this two-minute feature demo of Digg here:


Digg is also run from WordPress software.

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