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How many of these Web 2.0 sites do you know?

by Tom Johnson on Dec 28, 2006
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This article in Wired, The Best: Web 2.0 Acquisition Bait, lists the top 10 web 2.0 sites that might potentially be bought out by larger corporations.

A friend of mine showed me the article in Wired magazine, and I hadn't visited Wired's site for a while. Surprise -- it's totally a magazine blog, and they've organized it in a very readable way.

The top ten sites are as follows:

  1. Facebook
  2. Digg
  3. Techmeme
  4. Wikipedia
  5. Zillow
  6. Technorati
  7. Wordpress
  8. FeedBurner
  9. 37 Signals
  10. Riya

I've not heard much about Techmeme and Riya, so I'll have to check them out. But all the rest are pretty familiar. Digg is one of my default home pages, I am always turning to Wikipedia for explanations of things, my wife appraised her parents' house in Utah for about 2 million using Zillow, Technorati is the grand-daddy blog search engine, I listen to WordPress podcasts in addition to using their software, my blog feeds are all routed through Feedburner, and I have a few to-do lists on 37 Signals. But despite using their services, I haven't given any of these companies any money.

I am curious about the platform Wired is using to deliver it's content. It looks like a great way to set up a magazine.


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