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Free Doc Train Ticket ($899) for Your Response to a Question About Innovation

by Tom Johnson on Feb 14, 2008 •
categories: technical-writing

marriott.jpgIn May I'll be participating on a Documentation and Training West panel in a session called Meet the Bloggers. As a presenter, Scott Abel has given me a free guest ticket to the conference to give to one of my friends. I've decided to give the ticket away to one of my readers by way of a little contest. (In case you're wondering, Scott gave me permission to do this.)

To enter the contest, just leave a reply to the contest question below either in the comments field or in a post on your site that links back to this post (make sure the trackback appears in the comments area -- if it doesn't, add a comment that has a link to your post).

Here is the contest question:

What's the most innovative thing you've done, or the most innovative thing you want to do, in the field of technical communication?

Given that the theme of the conference is Web 2.0 and Its Impact on Technical Communication, innovative practices should be a nice fit (but your innovation doesn't have to be Web 2.0-related). The deadline for the contest is Monday, Feb 18.

Please note that the ticket provides entrance to the conference only, and does not pay for hotel, travel, or meals. The conference takes place May 6 through 9 in Vancouver, B.C. (And if you win the ticket, you don't have to "hang out" with me or anything.)

I'll pick the winner using an objective Random Number Generator (rather than trying to determine the best answer).

Note: Even if you're not interested in attending said conference, please let me know your innovative thoughts anyway. Also, if you aren't subscribed to The Content Wrangler (Scott's blog), check it out.

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