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I Enjoy a Good Alien Podcast Now and Then

by Tom Johnson on Mar 29, 2008
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Although the podcasts I listen to are usually tech podcasts, such as the highly entertaining TWIT (by Leo Laporte), I also enjoy a good alien podcast now and then. Mysterious Universe, produced by Benjamin Grundy, is one of the most fun-to-listen-to podcasts I've come across.

I'm not someone who believes in aliens, but dude, you should hear some of the content Grundy plays on the show. For the sake of pure imaginative entertainment (similar to perhaps WWF wrestling), the podcast keeps me coming back.

Mysterious Universe isn't limited to alien encounters, flying saucers, and paranormal abductions, but also explores other mysterious aspects of the universe, such as out-of-body experiences, people with uncanny memories, possibilities of ancient civilizations, cows dropping from the sky, bigfoot sightings, and anything weird, out of the ordinary, supernatural, or mysterious (such as an ancient cave with bones of giants). Best of all, the podcast is professionally produced, and the audio quality is perfect.

Recommended starting point: In Episode 90 (go to the 16 minute mark) Grundy recounts the story of how Steve Fosset discovers a circle of light on a mountainside that has bluish humanoid figures inside it -- living in another dimension. The circle of light moves. Then one day Fosset disappears, presumably entering that fourth dimension. Weeks later he returns to his wife and comforts her, saying he'll clear things up in time. Then he disappears again.

Another fascinating episode is this interview with Jim Sparks, who describes numerous alien abductions with so much detail you'll be on the edge of your seat until the show is over.

I don't need to read science fiction. This podcast fills that void perfectly for me.

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