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Interview with Me in TechCraft

by Tom Johnson on Jul 1, 2008 •
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Rahul Prabhakar, editor of the TechCraft newsletter, which accompanies the Technical Writers of India listserv, published an interview with me in the latest issue (June 2008).

You can read it here: Techcraft e-Newsletter Volume 38 June 2008. It's in the "Spotlight" section near the end.

(You can also log into Yahoo and read it here by going to the June 2008 folder, but Rahul gave me permission to post the PDF directly.)

Tech Writers of India (TWI) is one of the most popular listservs in India, with exactly 2,753 members as of this post.

What's the interview all about? Me, of course. First we discuss my childhood, then my teenage years, I explain all the places I've lived .... Just kidding. It's an interview about how I fell into technical writing, blogging, and other online mischief, like and podcasting.

By the way, I met Rahul at the STC Summit in Philadelphia last month. He's a genuinely nice guy who was excited by the Philadelphia scene.

You can read more about the Technical Writers of India listserv here. If you're a reader from the TWI listserv who landed on my blog, consider subscribing to my RSS feed (see the Subscription options in the upper-left).

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