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GUI Magnets -- Prototyping User Interfaces with Simple Magnets

by Tom Johnson on May 13, 2009
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GUI Mags
GUI Mags

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Length: 6 min.

GuiMags was a vendor booth at the STC Summit that caught my attention. I'm often running into people who want me to create WordPress templates to match their websites. Creating these templates is somewhat tedious for me, and it can take 1-2 days of work and haggling with CSS to get it to look right. These GuiMags guys gave me a glimpse at a simpler model.

GuiMags (graphical user interface magnets) provides a quick way to prototype software interfaces and websites without having to step into code. You can work with a customer to get the basic features and design using simple magnets on a grid board, making changes immediately in meetings with customers. After you settle on a design, you can then outsource the labor to international developers to create the templates cheaply. You don't even have to touch a computer to create prototypes.

To learn more about the GuiMags, see

Picture of me and Efraim Meulenberg
Picture of me and Efraim Meulenberg of GuiMags

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