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Converting Readers from Casual Subscribers to Devoted Followers

by Tom Johnson on May 21, 2009 •
categories: bloggingpodcasts

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Length: 14 min.

At the STC Summit, I ran into someone from Australia who follows my wife's blog fairly regularly and had even brought gifts for her and the kids. It made me reflect on blog subscribers, and how you convert readers from being occasional readers to devoted fans.

In this podcast, Kirsty Taylor talks about what she finds appealing about Seagull Fountain (my wife's blog) and other blogs she follows. Kirsty explains that, for her, blogs become powerful when they speak to her heart, make her reflect, and reveal authentically from the blogger's life in an appropriate way. We also talk about transparency, authenticity, the use of pseudonyms, the portrayal of reality, and the importance of making personal connections.

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