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STC Toronto's New Five-and-Five Chapter Model

by Tom Johnson on May 25, 2009 •
categories: podcasts

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Length: 26 min.

In this podcast, I talk with Anna Parker Richards, incoming president of the STC Toronto chapter, about their event-driven chapter model, in which they replace regular meetings with periodic all-day events, charging between $50 to $150 per person.

They haven't entirely discarded meetings in favor of events, but have instead supplemented the events with social gatherings. Their new model, the Five and Five Model, has five events and five socials throughout the year. Each of their events has a specific focus, such as Career Day (targeted to students), a Tech Trends Evening, Education Day, Management Day, and an Annual General Meeting. If you're looking to put new life into your chapter, try modeling your program after STC Toronto.

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