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Core Dump: STC Floundering?

by Tom Johnson on Jun 24, 2009
categories: technical-writing

Core Dump: STC floundering? Keith Soltys reflects on the STC issue as well. His last paragraph sums up his point: "I would hate to lose the STC. It was really important in my development as a technical writer, and I still find it worthwhile. However, it's not essential - the rise of the Internet, with the World Wide Web and social media, has provided many alternatives for finding information and networking with other writers. At one time, the STC was pretty much the only game in town - it's not now, and if the people running the organization don't realize this and start doing something about it now, it will die away." Is it me, or does the trend seem pretty clear: not a lot of people are rooting for STC to survive without a major overhaul of value.

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