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Keys to Being a Trusted Source of Information: Gryphon Mountain Journals

by Tom Johnson on Jul 15, 2009 •
categories: technical-writing

Keys to Being a Trusted Source of Information: Gryphon Mountain Journals. My colleage Ben Minson reflects on one of the key benefits of engaging in social media: trust. And then he analyzes trust in relation to the help materials we create as technical communicators. "If our audience thinks about us, they likely see us as just another part of the team that develops the product. We're not their friends—we're one of the people trying to make money off of them. We're hiding inside the big office building or within the business park and don't know them. But Joe Schmoe knows them. They're him. He bought the product, figured out some best practices, and posted them on his blog as he went." I agree, but I'm not sure how to expose personality and establish a friendly, personable image for corporate documentation.

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