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InDesignSecrets » Learn InDesign One Feature at a Time

by Tom Johnson on Jul 15, 2009
categories: technical-writing

InDesignSecrets »  Learn InDesign One Feature at a Time. The author recommends setting aside 15-20 minutes a day to learn a complicated tool such as InDesign. I couldn't agree more. The same technique applies to exercise and anything else that is overwhelming in large amounts. Approaching it little by little each day, you find that it's not so overwhelming. However, this article has an even more profound implication for help authoring. If people really learn best in 20 minute increments, should we design help with a 20-minutes-a-day plan? What if we structured a "Learn X in 10 Days During Lunch" type of training deliverable, rather than giving them 30 video tutorials or help topics to slog through, which would take them all day? Intereseting approach. I just might try this.

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