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Podcast on Content Strategy: Interview with Rahel Bailie

by Tom Johnson on Jul 27, 2009 •
categories: podcasts

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Length: 50 min.

In this podcast, Rahel Bailie, a content strategist from Vancouver, B.C., talks about content strategy in the context of technical communication. I briefly alluded to my conversation with Rahel in my post last week titled  Three Questions to Start Thinking Like a Content Strategist. In this podcast, Rahel goes into much more depth. Rahel starts by defining content strategy as a "repeatable process or methodology for managing your content within the entire content life cycle." She says a content strategist analyzes who the users are, what they need, and how these needs fit with the the organization's needs and goals. The content strategist uses this information to determine the architecture and interactions of the content as well as the model for implementation.

To learn more about Rahel Bailie and content strategy, see her site, Intentional Design.

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