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My STC Summit Blogging Presentation Is Free

by Tom Johnson on Oct 1, 2009 •
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As you know, the sessions at the STC Summit in Atlanta last year were recorded. My blogging presentation, Introduction to Blogging: A New Technical Communicator Role, is the only recorded session you can listen to for free.  It's labeled as the "Featured session - free of charge."

I didn't even realize this until someone tweeted it this afternoon. I figure it means one of two things -- either my presentation was so lame they couldn't fathom actually charging for it. Or it was so cool they decided to use it to try to get people to buy the entire recorded Summit package. Either way, it's a good hour and a half discussion of blogging. I talk about how "writing a product blog can help you connect and communicate with your users while simultaneously helping them move up to a more advanced level of product knowledge."

To view the audio synced with PowerPoint, click the View button at the link above. To download the MP3, click the drop-down arrow in the upper-left and choose Downloads. To include this in my iTunes podcast feed, I also included the MP3 file here.

My blogging presentation at STC Atlanta
My blogging presentation at STC Atlanta

By the way, I've been listening to other recorded Summit sessions. There's a ton of informative content available. Of course recorded presentations aren't always as engaging as a podcast recording, especially when someone is clicking through 200+ slides and answering audience questions (that you can't hear), but still, by and large the content is highly worthwhile. If it's available to you, definitely listen to it. I've already listened to about 7-8 sessions. Just 80 more to go.

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