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My Upcoming STC Webinar on Screencasting

by Tom Johnson on Nov 30, 2009
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I'm presenting an STC webinar titled Screencasting: Video Tutorials for the Web on Dec. 16.

Screencasting webinar Dec 16
Screencasting webinar Dec 16

Here's the description:

Screencasts refer to short video tutorials usually embedded on a blog, uploaded to Youtube, or otherwise displayed on the web. Screencasts are part of the explosion of video and other multimedia on the web, and users are growing more accustomed to watching screencasts to learn how to use software.

As with content on the web, you can find a variety of quality with screencasts – from screencasts with terrible audio to screencasts with fuzzy video, screencasts that go on forever, or screencasts with voices from the dead.

Screencasts require a range of skills from the screencaster. You have to understand a bit of sound engineering, videography, learning theory, video formats, microphones, voiceover techniques, storyboarding, and screen recording software. From choosing microphones to reading scripts or narrating spontaneously, there's a lot to master with screencasting.

In this webinar, I will cover the following:
• Sound: microphones, audio formats, post-processing
• Video: formats, integration, length
• Voiceovers: inflection, scenarios, recording strategies
• Engagement strategies: active learning, interactivity, practice

I will include examples throughout. Participants will come away with a grounding in the basics of screencasting, with enough information to get started or to develop your existing skills.

You can register here. I'm excited about the screencasting topic, so look for more about this in the next two weeks as I prepare for it.

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