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Podcast: What's New in Flare 6 — Interview with Mike Hamilton

by Tom Johnson on Mar 2, 2010 •
categories: podcasts

Flare 6 is available today from Madcap Software. This weekend I interviewed Mike Hamilton, VP of Product Management, about the new features Flare 6 contains. In this podcast, we talk about five of the new features in Flare:

  • Batch processing GUI and macro targets
  • Topic metadata (e.g., owner, status)
  • The new link viewer
  • Mobile targets
  • Multimedia integration

Mike also mentions some user interface improvements, usability refinements, and hints at upcoming integrations with SharePoint later this year or early next.

Check out Flare 6 on Madcap Software's site. And if you're looking for Mike Hamilton's blog, see You can contact Mike by email at [email protected].

With the Flare 6 release, I'm particularly excited about the multimedia integration and link viewer. I signed up for the beta but have been so busy with an upcoming project release that I haven't had time to evaluate it. Madcap was kind enough to upgrade me to version 6 as a thank-you for the podcast, so I'll probably be posting about the multimedia integration soon (along with some screencasts using my new mic).

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