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e-Learning Event Coming Up This Friday (Utah location)

by Tom Johnson on Jun 17, 2010
categories: technical-writing screencasting

If you're in Utah and interested in e-learning, come to the June e-Learning event held by the Intermountain-stc chapter. I'll be giving a presentation on developing a personal voice in audio. It's the same presentation I gave at the Summit in Dallas:

Chapter member Tom Johnson will present on how to develop a personal voice in audio. You'll learn how to create video tutorials with a friendly, personable voice by implementing several audio techniques common to professional voice talents and sound engineers. In this session, Tom will cover the following audio strategies:

  • Finding an acoustic environment
  • Sounding natural
  • Setting up your microphone
  • Controlling your breathing
  • Avoiding rambling
  • Rehearsing the script
  • Imagining a scenario
  • Dealing with mistakes
  • Post-processing the audio
  • Improving your voice

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