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WordPress Tips: Alternatives to Akismet, Design Software, and Dummy Content

by Tom Johnson on Feb 22, 2011 •
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WordPress tips

I have three WordPress tip videos for you today.

Alternatives to Akismet for Blocking Spam

Akismet, the plugin that blocks spam and is included in WordPress by default, is not really free if you have any kind of advertising, product or service, or high traffic. In this video, I show you a free alternative: antispambee.

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Headway -- A WordPress Theme with Design Software

One of the interesting WordPress themes out there is Headway, which allows you to make changes using a design control panel. You don't have to get into the code at all to make changes to the structure, layout, colors, arrangement, etc. Headway is an impressive theme -- check it out if you're looking for a solution that allows you to bypass coding.

Insert Dummy Content into WordPress

When you're building a WordPress site, you often need a lot of sample content. You can insert this content using a plugin called WP Dummy Content. It works well to insert a lot of posts and pages with sample content.

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