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Podcast with Victoria Koster-Lenhardt -- Candidate for STC Vice President

by Tom Johnson on Mar 7, 2011 •
categories: podcasts

Victoria Koster-Lenhardt
Victoria Koster-Lenhardt

In this podcast, I talk with Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, candidate for STC vice president, about her perspectives and plans for the STC. Both Alan and Victoria Koster-Lenhardt are running for STC vice president. I asked Victoria following five questions:

  • What's one of the greatest challenge STC members face right now. Any solutions?
  • What would you like to see differently in the STC?
  • Local chapters struggle to make their events relevant to members. How would you help fix this problem?
  • How can you help you resolve the rift between academics and practitioners?
  • Given the variety of job titles/specializations in the STC, how can you keep the magazines, conferences, webinars, etc. relevant?

For more information on Victoria, see her bio here and her blog post on the STC Notebook here. You can also listen to the Scriptorium webinar forum with the two candidates.

The election runs from March 9 to March 30. You can ask the candidate questions here.

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