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Messages from Sponsors -- May 4, 2011

by Tom Johnson on May 4, 2011
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Below are a few messages from my blog's sponsors. Check them out and see if any interest you.

Congree Personal Edition — The Easiest Way to Perfect Your Content

Congree, Inc. is proud to announce the arrival of the Personal Edition of our critically acclaimed authoring assistance suite. Congree Personal Edition plugs directly into your favorite text editing programs, such as Microsoft Word and Just XMetaL, and turns them into fully fledged grammar, style, spelling, and punctuation checkers, using the most advanced checking technology on the market. Why spend hours double- and triple-checking your text to ensure it follows your client's style guide when Congree Personal Edition can do it for you automatically. With Congree Personal Edition, you can:

  • Quickly and easily scan your documents, either as you write them or in a batch mode, for a wide variety of orthographical, stylistic, and grammar errors, and then correct those errors on the fly from within your favorite authoring program.
  • Conform your text to a variety of custom style guides, including Simplified English and Rule-Based Technical English, to ensure that your client gets the tone and complexity level that he desires. Congree Personal Edition can also ensure that text is translation friendly from the first word to the last, saving time and money on translation and administration costs.
  • Maximize your time and money, and free yourself up to do more work, by letting Congree Personal Edition handle the “grunt work” of writing, and letting you focus on the important and creative points. Congree plugs directly into whatever your favorite authoring tool is, so you can work directly in whatever environment to which you are accustomed.

Congree Personal Edition will be making its official debut at STC 2011 in Sacramento, California from May 16-18. If you can't make it to Sacramento, or if you'd like a chance to see a sneak preview of Congree Personal Edition and what it can do, please attend our sneak preview webinar, being held on Tuesday, May 10, 2011, at 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time. Register now!

Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc.

We help companies with large amounts of technical content streamline their publishing processes, which results in cost reduction and quality improvements.

We offer free webcasts each month on topics of interest to technical communicators. Our next webcast, on May 9, offers a look at the results of our most recent State of Structure survey. Topics include adoption rates, tools, implementation costs, and lessons learned. Again, the webcast is free, but registration is required.

Attending the STC TechComm Summit in Sacramento this month? Stop by and see us at booth 307. Simon Bate and Sarah O'Keefe will be presenting and at our booth. For more information, see

Congility 2011 Conference  London, Gatwick, UK - May 24-26

Congility brings together content professionals looking to advance their organisation's goals with better content management and process. Break down silos and learn to deliver better content, for a lower cost, that improves customer experience using:

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Standards
  • Component CMS
  • Agile methodologies

Featuring presentations and workshops by global thought-leaders in Content Strategy and DITA like Ann Rockley, Don Day, Noz Urbina, and Rahel Bailie as well as case studies from global brands like eBay, Nokia, IBM, AMD, Symantec, AGFA and more.

Workshops and conference access is limited! Save 20% until April 29th using discount code: TJRBWCA1120 @congility - Today's Content Needs Agility

MadCap Software Announces the MadCap Scholar Program

The MadCap Scholar Program provides qualified students, teachers and universities with special education pricing to save on MadCap Flare and more.

Several colleges, universities and learning institutions around the globe are using Flare to teach documentation best-practices.

Program benefits include:

  • Discounts of up to 50% off of MadCap products and suites
  • Free short-term semester license keys, allowing university and college educators to outfit their entire labs for the semester
  • Volume licenses for qualified university programs that offer courses in writing and publishing, technical communications, etc.

To learn more about the MadCap Scholar program, visit:

Adobe Systems, Incorporated

Adobe Systems, Incorporated revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information. Adobe's solutions for technical communicators are market-leading best-of-breed software, and include Adobe® FrameMaker® 10, Adobe® RoboHelp® 9, and Adobe® Technical Communication Suite 3 (TCS3) – a complete and integrated solution for authoring, reviewing, managing, and publishing rich, engaging technical information and training content across multiple channels and devices with a single source. Try TCS3 now.

Register for upcoming FREE Technical Communication eSeminars

View ON-DEMAND recordings of past eSeminars

Delivering Exceptional Product Help Experiences with MindTouch

For this month's sponsors post opportunity we wanted to share a Gilbane Group case study, “Managing Content for Continuous Learning at Autodesk: When DITA Flows into a Social Web Platform”.

Leveraging the power of MindTouch TCS, Autodesk created a customer-centric community experience around their help docs. It has gained so much traction that the people at Gilbane Group decided to dedicate a case study to it.

In this case study you'll explore concepts like:

  1. Designing for successive generations and supporting the long tail
  2. Going beyond conventional publishing for your technical documentation
  3. The business benefits of a social web presence
  4. How a social web platform can extend the capabilities of a well-defined content infrastructure

Please take advantage of and download the complete Gilbane Group case study.

About MindTouch:

MindTouch makes the world's most respected social knowledge base. We power purpose-built help 2.0 communities that connect companies with their customers. Millions use our software every day. Read first-hand how some of the world's most innovative organizations are leveraging MindTouch to deliver exceptional product help experiences to their end users at

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