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Our Spring View Farms Trail Adventure

by Tom Johnson on Jul 24, 2011
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Aaron and Tara Carpenter and their kids are visiting. After we came home from Church, they and Shannon all wanted to take a nap, but the kids had a lot of energy. I had good sleep the night before, so I decided to take them on an adventure while the others slept.

We went to the Spring View Farms Trail.

This is the trailhead at Spring View Farms Trail -- about 14400 S and Redwood

It was about 95 degrees out. The kids were practically melting in the heat. As soon as they spotted shade, they ran to it and wanted to stay there. We needed better sun hats for an outing like this. At least we had enough ice water.

Kids are so hot. They need some shade. They actually ran to the shade.

What I find fascinating about hiking with kids is how observant they are. One of them immediately spotted this spider web and wanted me to take a picture of it.

Cool spider web. Didn't see the spider, though.

Eventually we came to this wetland opening. I believe this is Spring View Farms Park. At first it looks mucky, but when you get closer, it's as interesting as a tidepool at the beach. It's full of insects, bugs, and things swimming in the water.

Looks like a mucky swamp. In reality this is a wetland paradise.

At the park this tree was leaking sap. Big gobs of it.

Discovering sap from a tree. What is that?

Of course the kids wanted to eat it. (Not really.)

Sap is actually quite nutritious. Lucy can hardly believe it.

Lucy gets really red in the heat. It made me wonder if she was getting sunburned, but no, she just gets red like that. In the cold, she always puts on extra clothes too. She needs a moderate climate, I think.

Lucy looking red with the heat.

This park has some beautiful flowers. I should learn the names of these different flowers so that I can better understand them.

Avery took this photo of this flower. Beautiful.

Here's a group of daises.

Another photo taken by Avery. Beautiful flowers.

Here I found a bee on a flower.

Bee on a flower. This one gets better at higher resolution and magnification.

Let's zoom in.

A little closer look at Mr. Bee here.

Avery found a snail. She was aware of Fibonnacci sequence of the snail pattern, I think.

Mathematical formulas in nature.

When the kids spotted little minnows in the water, they were absolutely mesmerized.

The kids discover little minnows or tadpoles swimming in the water.

Hard to photograph, but you can see some little fishes here. We weren't sure if they were tadpoles or minnows. Avery thought they were tadpoles, but that would be a crazy amount of frogs when they mature.

Look at these little fishes.

Callie lies dead on a low table that appears to be a grave marker.

It's hard to resist playing dead on a slab of granite that looks like it belongs in a cemetery.

Lucy is so stylish in her zebra pants! I love how kids are never shy about having their picture taken.

Lucy looking so stylish, pauses to pose for a photo.

The end. Had to sneak one picture of me in there. I have had this shirt since Egypt, so at least 10 years.

End of the trail. Great hike.

As I was thinking about our little hike, it was so simple. The whole adventure lasted about two hours, no more. Yet this is by far the most memorable event of the day. I had so much fun. These kids are at such an impressionable age.

I fear that I'm just now figuring out how to be a father, and my kids are already growing up. I want to do activities like this every day, if possible. They don't always like nature hikes. But some kind of adventure is always a big hit.

My premise in these adventure hikes is that you don't have to travel to India to have an adventure. You can see plenty of interesting things right around your home. We happen to live in a wetlands area along the Jordan River, and I'm not even sure what that all means, i.e., what animals and insects the area is full of. We are often blind to the wonders around us.

If I could, I would change everything to do more adventures like this. I'm not sure why I haven't. Kids are so eager. As long as I get a good night's rest, I am up for nearly anything. My patience is infinite, and though these kids easily tire of walking, we always tend to find something worthwhile. The experience is quite bonding, more than I would have thought. I once had a goal to do three adventures a week, but somehow the kids reacted to it as a chore. If I mix it up, so that we're not always traveling in nature, I'm sure they would be much more agreeable to the adventures. After all, if all you see is the same nature scene every time, it's not much of an adventure.


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