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How Avery Got Earrings

by Tom Johnson on Dec 11, 2011
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When Grandma Nana came to visit, she brought clip-on earrings (among other jewelry) for the kids. The kids wore these clip-on earrings for practically an entire week straight. Avery is sporting some very smart-looking clip-on earrings here:

Apparently last week Avery couldn't find her bra, and she couldn't go to school without it, so she and Shannon went to the mall to get a couple of bras. At the mall, they passed an earring shop. Shannon said Avery could either continue to endure the slow pinching death from clip-on earrings, or she could experience pain for a brief moment and get it entirely over with by getting her ears pierced.

Avery has a low threshold for pain (she dreads shots for the needles) and has always shuddered at the thought of a needle piercing her ears. But I guess the appeal of the clip-on earrings and the desire to avoid the pain was enough. It was the right moment, and she decided to get her ears pierced. Shannon bought her a pair of white gold blue sapphire earrings (pictured below) for $50 as an early Christmas present.

Shannon wrote about the experience here. I was kind of puzzled why it was such an emotional experience. This is no doubt one of the things I don't quite understand, being a guy. Shannon associates getting Avery's ears pierced with a milestone in growing up. Once you get your ears pierced, you're no longer a little girl. You're practically on your way out the door for college.

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