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King Size Bed Fits Four

by Tom Johnson on Dec 11, 2011
categories: family

I play basketball every Tuesday night. Recently I came home to see this:


This is actually a pretty common scene. The only thing missing here is Amelia the cat. Notice how Shannon drapes one foot off the side of the bed. This is her usual position. When she was a kid, her cat (Tiger, I think) used to sit on their ottoman with one foot hanging off the side, which is where Shannon probably gets this. :)

When I carry Lucy to her bed, she opens her eyes and looks at me in a sleepy dazed/drugged look. Callie makes a grumpy look, furrowing her brow. Avery remains a dead log, though sometimes she'll remember an animal she wants to bring a make a desperate grab for it.

One time I accidentally woke Shannon. She completely freaked out in terror, as if I were some serial killer coming to life from her dream.

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