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Slides for tcworld India 2015 presentations

Series: Innovation in tech comm

by Tom Johnson on Mar 11, 2015
categories: api-doc

I have the opportunity of attending the tcworld India 2015 conference this week in Bangalore. I'm giving a keynote presentation on the topic of innovation and a workshop on API documentation. I posted my slides here in case you're interested:

Notes about the slides

As I mentioned in the previous post, the slides for the innovation keynote are in HTML5 using Reveal JS. In contrast, the slides for the API documentation workshop are in PowerPoint. This is because I had already prepared most of the workshop in PowerPoint before discovering Reveal JS.

Although I have notes in the innovation slides, you probably won't get much out of them without hearing the actual content. I plan to record and post the recording soon.

Note that I have given multiple API documentation presentations/workshops and posted them on my blog. This time around, I condensed some of the material and incorporated more Javadoc content. I have about 130 slides for a 90-minute time slot, which is probably 30 slides too many. I will also record and post the workshop as well.

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