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Switched commenting systems to Disqus

by Tom Johnson on May 17, 2015
categories: technical-writing

Just a heads up, with comments on my blog, I'm now using Disqus as opposed to the native commenting system in WordPress. This means you'll need to log in using one of the four methods provided by Disqus (Google, Twitter, Facebook, or Disqus) to leave a comment.

Why did I switch from WordPress' native comments to Disqus? Several reasons:

  • Too much spam gets past Akismet. For every real comment, I have to delete about 10 spam comments.
  • I'll probably migrate this blog to Jekyll, in which case I'll need a third-party service to handle comments.
  • Disqus' commenting system allows me to see where else readers have commented, allows rating of comments, and sorting of best comments to the top.

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