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My upcoming workshop and presentation at the STC Summit 2015 in Columbus, Ohio

by Tom Johnson on Jun 18, 2015 •
categories: technical-writing

I'm giving both a workshop and presentation at the STC Summit in Columbus, Ohio. I'm also receiving an award for oustanding guest-edited issue of the Intercom.

Upcoming API documentation workshop

I’m giving a 3.5 hour workshop on API documentation at the STC Summit in Columbus this year. Although I gave some workshops and presentations on APIs earlier this year, for this Summit workshop, I’ve completely reworked the material and focused almost entirely on REST APIs. I’m really excited about the content I’ve got in this workshop and hope to repurpose it later with an online learning platform.

The API documentation workshop is Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:30pm at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus. For details, see Crash Course in API Documentation (Pre-conference Workshop).

Upcoming API publishing presentation

I’m also giving a presentation titled Publishing strategies for API documentation. This presentation is Monday at 9:45 to 10:30am and is also part of the STC virtual track. This means you can tune in to the talk if you’re not going to be at the Summit physically.

Accepting an award

At the Honors Banquet, I’ll also be accepting an award for outstanding guest-edited issue of the Intercom. Here’s an excerpt from the STC Notebook about the award citation:

For guest-editing an issue of Intercom that contributes to the professional development of technical communicators by delivering valuable information that appeals to both the novice and the veteran technical communicator. This comprehensive issue showcases articles that enlighten and educate readers with useful examples and context for application, as well as effective strategies for practitioners to implement.

You can read the issue here. As a guest editor, here’s what I did:

  • Selected a theme
  • Listed out the desired topics
  • Put out a call for submissions
  • Matched up writers with topics
  • Edited the articles
  • Write a foreword

It wasn’t that difficult at all. We had 10 writers (6 published in the print magazine, and 4 more published in the online version).

I’m happy to see the STC is encouraging more attention and focus on API documentation. This year there’s an entire API documentation track at the Summit (there are 5 sessions on API documentation, which you can view by looking at the API tag here).

Other notes

It’s been a couple of years since I last attended the Summit, so I’m excited to see the people, presenters, vendors, and Ohio landscape. I’m getting into Columbus early Sunday morning and flying out early Wednesday morning.

Also, although the Golden State Warriors just finished defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Championship, and I’m a big basketball fan, I’m going to leave my Stephen Curry jersey and Warriors flags at home out of respect for the general sense of mourning in the area.

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Keep current with the latest trends in technical communication by subscribing to the I'd Rather Be Writing newsletter. 5,800+ subscribers. (See email archive here.)

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