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Upcoming REST API documentation workshop in Sacramento

by Tom Johnson on Feb 8, 2016
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I'm giving an API documentation workshop in Sacramento on March 19, 2016, from 10am to 2pm. The cost is $25, and the event will be held at the Rocklin Public Library. The workshop will focus on how to write documentation for REST APIs, and will cover topics such as documenting endpoints, parameters, sample requests, sample responses, status codes, error codes, and more. You'll get some exposure to Postman and cURL as well.

REST API documentation workshop in Sacramento

Here is a description of the API workshop I’m giving in Sacramento:

Workshop on Documenting REST APIs

At its core, REST API documentation focuses on documenting requests and responses. You describe the various endpoints available, their methods, parameters, and other details. And you also document sample responses from the endpoints, usually describing each element and providing sample code.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of REST API documentation. We’ll dive deeply into the following topics:

  • Resource descriptions
  • Endpoint definitions and methods
  • Parameters
  • Sample requests
  • Sample responses
  • Error codes
  • Code samples

You’ll also learn about a few tools and technologies that are useful in working with and testing REST APIs. Some of these tools include the following:

  • The command line
  • Chrome’s Developer Console
  • Postman REST client
  • cURL
  • JSON

With REST APIs, there’s not usually a GUI interface for users to navigate. Instead, the documentation itself provides the interface that users navigate. Because of this, we’ll also explore various ways to publish your API documentation. Here are a few platforms we’ll cover:

  • Github
  • Jekyll
  • Swagger
  • RAML

This course will mostly provide an introduction to these concepts. There are many detailed examples and activities you can walk through with the API documentation tutorials on my site here:

All participants in workshop will need the following:

  • Text editor (such as Sublime Text)
  • Postman REST client
  • Chrome
  • Git
  • cURL

In addition to covering technical strategies for documenting REST APIs, we’ll also talk generally about the job market for developer documentation, the skills in demand, and challenges in working in developer environments.

You can find more information on the STC Sacramento site here.

Note that I’m also giving a similar API documentation workshop at the STC Summit in Anaheim, California in May (though the cost is 10 times as much).

If you’re interested in API documentation but can’t attend either of these events, you can get the same information from my site here: API documentation course.

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