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Lightning talks from San Francisco Write the Docs meetup

by Tom Johnson on Apr 3, 2016 •
categories: technical-writing

At the last Write the Docs meetup in San Francisco on March 29, we had 11 presenters give lightning talks. This post includes the recordings (audio + slides) of each presenter. There's also a compiled audio file in case you just want to listen to the audio. Lightning talks are a fun format that allows a lot of different members to present their own perspective and learning.

Below are the lightning talks from the March 29 Write the Docs San Francisco Meetup. You can also play the videos from the San Francisco WTD Youtube channel at this playlist.

Writing globally for locals, by Laura Stewart

   —> view the slides

Contributing to open-source projects through documentation, by Rhonda Glennon

   —> view the slides

Writing effective app copy, by Sarah Day

   —> view the slides

The easiest way to create professional-looking illustrations and diagrams, by Tom Johnson

   —> view the slides and detailed notes

“Storycraft in SDK documentation” or “A Writer’s Theory of Everything”, by Elisa Sawyer

   —> view the slides

Using Twine as interactive documentation, by Al Nelson

   —> view the slides

Open source documentation in practice (Kubernetes case study), by John Mulhausen

   —> view the slides

MediaWiki as a Documentation Platform, by Juan Lara

   —> view the slides

Localization Readiness 101: Glossary, by William Clemens

   —> view the slides

A Tribe Called Tech (Writers), by Mary Swift

   —> view the slides

Comment on the Draft Federal Source Code Policy, by Britta Gustafson

   —> view the slides

Downloadable Audio File

If you just want the audio, compiled into one long file, you can listen here:

You can download the MP3 file here.

If you organize meetings for writing groups, I highly recommend trying out this lightning talk format. It’s a great change of pace, fun to see new faces, and generates a lively momentum and energy to the meeting.

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