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Implementing Swagger in your API documentation -- My ISTC article

by Tom Johnson on Sep 8, 2016 •
categories: technical-writingapi-doc

I recently published an article about Swagger in the Autumn 2016 edition of ISTC's magazine, Communicator. ISTC stands for Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators. My article provides an introduction to using Swagger (now called OpenAPI specification) for publishing your REST API documentation.

If you’re an ISTC member, then you already get the ISTC Communicator, and you can read my article in print or by logging into the ISTC site. You can view the table of contents for the Autumn 2016 here (but not the article content unless you log in as a member).

If you’re not an ISTC member, you can read my article here: Implementing Swagger (OpenAPI specification) with your REST API documentation, since I also published the article on my site in HTML format and integrated into my API doc course.

A lot of people ask about Swagger, and although I’ve written about Swagger previously, this is my clearest and most thorough article on the topic to date.

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