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Two open-ended surveys to gauge practitioner/academic attitudes

by Tom Johnson on Feb 6, 2018
categories: technical-writing academics-and-practitioners

In my 2018 trends post, I mentioned that I plan to give some attention to TC academic/practitioner attitudes, opportunities, and interactions. I have a larger project in mind that involves changing attitudes, which I'll expand on in the future. However, for now I need a baseline starting point to measure against later.

To gather the baseline, I need your response to one of two surveys. Each survey is designed for a different audience:

Take this survey if you’re a practitioner — e.g., employed as a tech writer for a company.

Take this survey if you’re an academic — employed by a college to teach TC courses.

These surveys contain open-ended questions designed to capture, in an unbiased way, the thoughts and attitudes that TC practitioners and academics have towards each other as members of the same field.

You can answer as many questions as you like. Your answers are anonymous. Trends in responses will be collected for a follow-up survey that will be administered in a more quantitative way.

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