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Strategies for learning technology -- podcast recommendation and a poll

by Tom Johnson on Aug 10, 2018
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Learning technology is a core task for thriving in developer docs. Here's a great podcast recommendation and a poll on this topic.

One of the most consistent and diverse tech comm podcasts is 10-minute Tech Comm, by Ryan Weber at the University of Alabama. In the most recent episode, called “Amruta Ranade on Learning New Technology,” Ryan talks with Amruta Ranade about her strategy for learning technology. This topic is consistently popular and important to consider as we look for ways to thrive in the developer doc space. Give it a listen and consider subscribing to 10-minute Tech Comm:

You can follow Amruta’s blog here:

The post made me reflect on my own habits (good or bad) for learning technology.

I thought I’d follow up this topic with a fun multi-question poll. There are 5 questions in the poll, and each question appears after you answer the previous:

You can view the responses here.

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