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Write the Docs Podcast Episode 17: Structured Writing -- reasons and approaches, with Mark Baker

by Tom Johnson on Oct 23, 2018 •
categories: podcastswriting

In this Write the Docs podcast episode, we chat with Mark Baker about structured writing, specifically focusing on his new book Structured Writing: Rhetoric and Process. After introducing and defining structured writing, Mark explains the four domains you can add structure: media, document, subject, and management domains. He explains the advantages of working with structure in the subject domain, and why mixing structure across subject and document domains can be inefficient. We also chat about how structured writing connects with SEO and microformats on the semantic web, the limits of structure in Markdown formats, how to implement structure in linking, and more.

You can view the podcast episode on the Write the Docs Podcast site here.

For more information about Mark Baker and his new book, see the following:

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