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Write the Docs Podcast episode 19: Static site generators, with Jessica Parsons

by Tom Johnson on Jan 31, 2019
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Jessica Parsons, a documentation engineer from Netlify, joins us for Episode 19 of the WTD Podcast. Jess recently conducted a Static Site Generator workshop at the Australian Write the Docs conference at Melbourne. In this episode, Jess illuminates the world of static site generators, comparing and contrasting Hugo, Jekyll, Sphinx, Gatsby, and others.

Discussions focus on considerations for choosing a static site generator, and how to manage the content they consume, from APIs to Git-tracked markdown files. Headless CMS options like API-driven Strapi and Git-wrapper Netlify CMS make an appearance.

You can view or listen to the episode on the post on Write the Docs Podcast or watch it below.

Links for more information:

Note that unfortunately I was out of town for this episode, but after listening to it, I think it’s one of the best we’ve had. It’s especially interesting to compare the docs-as-code tool discussions with this Tools Selection Podcast from Scriptorium. Both podcasts are excellent, but their contrast illuminates how divergent the tooling for documentation has become in the industry.

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