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Podcast: API Design and Usability with Arnaud Lauret (API Handyman)

by Tom Johnson on Dec 7, 2019
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Arnaud Lauret, also known as the API Handyman, recently published a book called The Design of Web APIs. In this podcast, I chat with Arnaud about his book, specifically exploring best practices for designing web APIs and focusing on the roles technical writers can play.

Listen here:

The Design of Web APIs, by Arnaud Lauret

Podcast topics

Here are some of the API design/usability topics we chat about in the podcast:

  • What API usability is, and how usability is the same/different with developer tools
  • How writing documentation tests the usability of a product
  • What tech writers should look for to know whether an API is designed well
  • What to call each of the components in an API (e.g., whether the term “endpoint” should be used)
  • How tech writers can influence design and usability when they’re so far downstream in the development process
  • Best practices for creating tutorials on API doc sites
  • Spec-first design versus auto-generating the OpenAPI from the code
  • Which framework you would you choose to work with to render the API spec
  • Whether we’ll eventually move into a state where manually editing the OpenAPI spec code by hand becomes antiquated
  • The Open Map visual diagram that shows the OpenAPI structure
  • Recommended APIs that we should learn from and why
  • Why providing the OpenAPI spec is important even if you don’t generate your docs from it
  • How tech writers might interact with their company’s API style/design guide and why
  • Whether the reference content and user guide should be separate or seamless


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