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Write the Docs Podcast episode 25: Researching how developers use API docs, with Andrew Head

by Tom Johnson on Oct 27, 2019
categories: technical-writing wtd-podcastsapidoc-site-updates

In episode 25, we talk with Andrew Head, Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science at UC Berkeley, about his research on how developers use API documentation. Specifically, we focused on a recent article he co-authored titled When Not to Comment: Questions and Tradeoffs with API Documentation for C++ Projects. During the podcast, we chat about the following: where developers look for information, how developers manage information in Google’s unique billion-line code base, when it's appropriate to just let developers read the code directly versus creating documentation, what kind of information developers look for in API documentation, the relevance of document generators such as Doxygen, and more. Andrew also talked about some projects he's working on to build interactive tools for developers to share code expertise.

You can watch the episode on the Write the Docs Podcast site.

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