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Quick Reference Guides Right Where You Need Them

Series: Quick reference guides

by Tom Johnson on Apr 9, 2009
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Have you ever tried to adjust your office chair but couldn't remember how to do it? Do you ever look at all the little levers under your seat and wonder how they work with the myriad muscles in your back? Don't you wish you could just pull a quick reference guide ... out of the arm of your chair?

Birds eye view of the quick reference guide
Birds eye view of the quick reference guide

Here's a close-up:

Birds eye view of the quick reference guide
Close-up view of the quick reference guide

Thanks to Louellen Coker of Content Solutions for sending me these pictures. I believe this is her actual chair, which is from Neutral Posture. It's a great example of integrating help directly in the user interface, making it part of the product rather than a separate entity.

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