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I'm trying to gather more information about common practices with API documentation. I created an informal, open survey about API Doc here.

It's an openly editable Google Doc with about 10 questions. You can see others' responses as you enter your own.

If you do any kind of API documentation, I need your participation in the survey. This will allow me to better generalize common practices with API documentation in preparation for some upcoming presentations and blog posts.

I made it open so you can read the existing responses. I chose to use a short-answer response format because practices with API documentation vary so widely -- one practice often varies from another, and they can't easily be captured with simple radio button responses.

I'm hoping to get 25 responses so that I have a decent enough sample size. Right now I have about 10 responses. Basically, when I give some API doc presentations and someone asks me a question like, "Do developers expect you to learn everything from reading the source code files alone?" I want to provide a realistic answer that extends beyond the scope of my own experience.

Again, here's the link to my API Documentation survey. Thanks.

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