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Proposals for 2016 *STC Silicon Valley Chapter* presentations now accepted

by Tom Johnson on Aug 27, 2015
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If you would like to present to the Silicon Valley STC Chapter (located in Santa Clara, Calif.), you can submit a proposal to speak. Chapter meetings are held on Monday evenings once a month and last about an hour. We're inviting proposals this year to give more people a chance to speak. Speaking at a chapter event can build credibility for a Summit proposal as well.

Now accepting proposals

Are you interested in presenting to the Silicon Valley STC Chapter this year? We’re now accepting proposals for 2016 speakers.

STC Silicon Valley Chapter presentations

What presenting involves

Presenting to the STC Silicon Valley Chapter (located in the South Bay of the San Francisco, California) involves the following:

  • Preparing a 1-hour presentation relevant to technical writers
  • Preparing some slides or other visuals to accompany your presentation
  • Creating a short description of your presentation plus a bio
  • Committing to the date agreed upon for your presentation

Note that STC Silicon Valley Chapter meetings are always on Monday evenings, usually the third Monday of the month unless there’s a holiday. The location is the Santa Clara IHOP (4200 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, Calif.).

STC Silicon Valley chapter meets at IHOP in Santa Clara, California

To get a better sense of the topics for the chapter meetings, you can browse the meeting archives.

Why we are inviting proposal submissions

Why are we inviting proposals? Usually STC chapter presenters are informally selected by the program committee based on people they know, or based on people who tend to be visible in the community.

However, this approach tends to miss a lot of people who might have great information to share but who just aren’t very well-known. By allowing people to submit proposals, we open up the speaking pool and give more people a chance to present.

Build credibility for a larger venue

If you’re thinking of submitting a presentation to the STC Summit (which will be held in Anaheim, Calif. this year), presenting locally at an STC chapter helps give you experience and credibility with the topic. ()When you submit proposals to the STC Summit, one of the questions is whether you’ve given the presentation before, or spoken before, to whom and when.)

How to submit the proposal

To submit a presentation proposal for the STC Silicon Valley Chapter, send a short note about the topic to [email protected], along with any other details.

I’m the program manager for the chapter, but I coordinate with other members of the STC Silicon Valley leadership council.

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