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Academics and Practitioners Posts

Academics and practitioners content covers posts related to the ongoing intersection between academic research and practitioner-relevant topics, especially if academic research or interviews are directly involved.

The following content is in the academics-and-practitioners category:

Prompt engineering series: Reverse engineering the recipe for excellent documentation

[Podcast] Breaking ground: New API documentation course at UW, with Bob Watson

Doing research with AI tools -- avoiding the trap of fabricated URLs

New article: AI and APIs: What works, what doesn't

New topic in API course: Using AI tools to write build and publish scripts

New topic in API doc course: AI document engineering with pattern-based prompts

Telling your conversion story into tech comm

How to find academic research to back up your tech comm decisions

AI starting to diminish work for student essay ghostwriters

Newsletter: Doctave, Chatbase, SiteGPT, small CLs, TC bibliography

Review of "Hashtag #TechComm: An Overview of Members, Networks, and Themes from 2016-2019"

WTD Australia event recording -- 'Remote discussion: Techcomm in the times of pandemic'

Guest post: Why are technical writers often treated as such an unimportant part of a company?

Are technical writers increasingly playing non-technical roles? Some thoughts on the evolution of technical writing roles

Podcast: Users as producers of knowledge -- conversation with Nupoor Ranade about how tech writer roles are changing

New topic in API course: Five strategies for documenting code

New topic in API course: Research on documenting code

New video recordings of Raleigh API documentation workshop now available

Why I decided not to become a grasshopper expert, or, Not deciding your focus based on where readers are clicking

Recognizing Research Realities Across Technical Communication -- guest post by Kirk St. Amant

Master's in technical writing at Mercer — FAQ

Should you get a degree in a tech comm program? Two considerations to keep in mind

How to design API documentation for opportunistic (active, experiential) learning styles

Corporate exodus narratives: A close look at the tension between the corporation and academia

Asserting your expertise as a SME in the workplace: Q&A with Jennifer Mallette and Megan Gehrke

Research on code documentation -- when not to comment on code

Tech comm trends -- why tech writers will be collaborating more with engineers

My conflicted thoughts about the decentralized web (while taking the Census of Technical Communicators survey)

Reciprocal knowledge networks and the iFixit Technical Writing Project -- Conversation with Guiseppe Getto

Looking at the theoretical foundations for tech comm -- Conversation with Lisa Melonçon

Adventures of a Techie Academic with Lightweight DITA (LwDITA): Conversation with Carlos Evia

Teaching Technological Adaptability to Bridge the Gap (Guest post by Melonie McMichael)

Combatting the "Make-It-Pretty" Philosophy: Technical Writers Fight Back (Guest post by Emily January Petersen)

Results from my Academic/Practitioner Attitudes surveys now available

The relationship between academics and practitioners -- Podcast with Kirk St. Amant

A short survey to measure academic/practitioner attitudes

Two open-ended surveys to gauge practitioner/academic attitudes

Podcast: The divide between academics and practitioners -- Interview with Lisa Meloncon

Why is there a divide between academics and practitioners in tech comm?

Are Academics Just Talking to Themselves?

Is Rhetoric Relevant? Considering the "Message in Context" [Organizing Content #27]

Reflections on Allison Reynold's Talk on Job Skills for the Workplace

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