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DITA: Handling SME review

You can handle SME reviews in a number of ways. One of which is to use the Webhelp with Feedback output from Oxygen.

To handle SME review of content, you have a number of options. However, the most efficient review process allows for the following:

  • The ability to iterate on the content during review (based on incoming feedback) so you can update topics before other reviewers begin their review.
  • The ability for reviewers to interface with each other via comments.
  • Historical comments so other reviewers can see the evolution of the content.
  • Presentation of the content in the same form that users will view it in (rather than a rendered PDF or Word document).
  • The ability for reviewers to review the content asynchronously on their own schedules and times.
  • The ability for reviewers to see the updates you've already made to the content so they know their recommendations don't fall on deaf ears.
  • The ability for reviewers to continue their review post-release since people are usually busy up until release time.

Based on this criteria, probably the best way to review DITA content is through Oxygen's Webhelp with Feedback output. This provides a comment section at the bottom of topics that allows people to comment on the topic, read others' comments, allows authors to reply to comments, allows for notifications that stimulate conversation, and more.

For details on creating the webhelp with feedack theme, see DITA: Webhelp with Feedback.

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