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DITA: Cross references

You create cross references by pointing to the ID of a particular element that you want to link to.

Referring to specific steps

To refer to a specific step, do the following:

  1. Add an ID tag on the step:
    <task id="task_lxj_zps_44">
    <step id="deploy">
  2. Reference the ID through an xref element and include type="li".
    Now perform the same routine as you did in <xref href="#task_lxj_zps_44/deploy" type="li"/>.

Referring to a specific section

To refer to a specific section with a cross reference, in your regular content, add an ID attribute on the element like this:

<section id="date_selection"><title>Date Selection</title>

Then refer to it like this:

<p> Select the date range you want. See the previous section, <xref href="yourditatopic.dita#thetopicid/date_selection" type="section"/>, for
 details about the options.</p>

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