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DITA Quick reference guide introduction

This DITA Quick Reference Guide (DITA QRG) provides quick notes for using DITA, particularly with OxygenXML.

The emphasis here is on quick explanations showing code samples, as well as tips and recommendations for working with various elements.

Although they started out as personal notes, I'm making these notes public and enabling comment controls because I hope to benefit from the expertise and insights of others. I plan to continue adding to these notes regularly, growing my understanding and helping others understand DITA in a quick and easy way too.

If you have feedback on any topics, please add a comment on the topic to share your thoughts. If you don't see a topic mentioned, contact me and I'll add it.

Note that the full reference for DITA is available at the 1.2 specification. Additionally, the help for OxygenXML is available on their documentation page.

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