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Document 360: #1 Knowledge Base Software

STC's wiki is also scheduled for demolition :: TechCommDood

by Tom Johnson on Jul 12, 2009 •
categories: screencasting

STC's wiki is also scheduled for demolition :: TechCommDood. I admit that while I haven't visited the STC Forums in at least a year, I am surprised to see them being taken down. I didn't realize the hosting costs were so prohibitive that it was an expense that needed to be cut. Then again, I'm not sure the STC is taking them down to cut expenses. In STC's announcement, they don't actually say why they're taking the forums down. Instead, the STC announcement reads like an obituary, lauding the valuable contributions of members on the forums on a wide range of issues. Must not have been that valuable if we're deleting them. The hint of exploring a next-generation solution, without any clear indication of what or when that solution will be implemented, seems like a soft way of removing the forums without explaining why.

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