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We Moved Downstairs

by Tom Johnson on Dec 11, 2011 •
categories: family

This past week we moved downstairs. Our house has three bedrooms upstairs, and a mostly finished basement with one bedroom and one living room downstairs (the downstairs is about 650 sq feet). We let Avery and Lucy have the master suite upstairs (where we used to sleep), Callie has the bedroom over the garage, and we converted the pink room to an office. Shannon and I live in the large room downstairs, with the baby in the adjacent downstairs room.

This arrangement seems to work well, as it not only gives us the needed space, but also gives us some more peace and quiet at night. The distance between us and the kids is 2 flights of stairs, so when we turn in for the night, it's like saying goodbye to the kids. However, even with this arrangement, after I come home from basketball, I'll sometimes find a couple of kids sleeping with Shannon, and then I have to carry them 2 flights up. It's good exercise, I guess.

One thing I'm getting used to is hearing the furnace blow. It turns off and on according to the temperature. When it turns on, it clicks a few times and then stars bellowing.

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