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Recording and slides from "Jekyll vs. DITA: Bridging the Gap Between Tech Comm and the Web" presentation

Series: Jekyll versus DITA

by Tom Johnson on May 14, 2015
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Yesterday I gave a presentation to STC Berkeley about ways to bridge the gap between tech comm tools and web development tools. After talking about innovation patterns, I focused on static site generators, specifically Jekyll. I also explained how DITA compares to Jekyll.


Here are the slides:

Jekyll vs DITA presentation

Audio recording

Here's the MP3 audio file:

Listen here:

(Sorry, my attempts to record the screen using Camtasia failed -- Camtasia crashed. I think my MacBook Pro Retina display didn't jive with the old projector I was hooked into.)

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Note that this presentation is similar to the keynote I gave at tcworld India. Personally, I felt the India presentation went better. If I were giving this presentation again, I would probably drop the DITA comparison, shorten the exploration of innovation, and just show static site generators in depth.

Also see the Jekyll Versus DITA series for more detail about the tool comparisons.

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