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Posts in the Jekyll category relate in some way to the static site generator, which is used to publish websites -- in my case, to build sites for documentation or other content, such as blogs or online courses. Jekyll is one static site generator among many. Others include Hugo, Gatsby, Vue, Docusaurus, and more. They all work more or less the same way: they compile content, convert from Markdown to HTML, stuff the content into templates, and publish it as a website (based on the theme).

The following content is in the jekyll category:

Blog and API doc course are now one site

Single-sourcing data into table templates in Jekyll

Limits to the idea of treating docs as code

Tutorial on converting an HTML site into a Jekyll theme

Tutorials versus docs -- why you need both

Recording: Writing tech docs like a hacker with Jekyll

Markdown or reStructuredText or DITA? Choosing the right format for tech docs

How to deliver newsletters for your Jekyll site

Coding the sidebar navigation element for documentation websites

Presentation recording: Hunting for API developer documentation jobs in the San Francisco Bay area, by Andrew Davis

The complexities of translation and the need for dynamic variables in the build process

Advanced formatting with Markdown using Jekyll and Includes

Slides for Writing Tech Docs Like a Hacker with Jekyll presentation

Jekyll Conf 2016 slides and video: Overcoming Challenges in Using Jekyll for Tech Docs

Version 5.0 of my Documentation Theme for Jekyll now available

Updating from redcarpet and Pygments to Kramdown and Rouge on Github Pages

Is the only way to plug into a documentation CCMS through DITA/XML?

My YAML tutorial in the context of Jekyll

The problem with adopting bleeding-edge tools

My upcoming 2016 STC Summit workshop and presentation

Those pesky authoring tool questions, and an update on my adventures with Jekyll

Question: How long does it take to ramp up on your Jekyll theme?

Single sourcing the Swagger spec and main documentation using Jekyll

Version 4.0 released for the Jekyll Documentation Theme

My pros and cons of using Jekyll for documentation

Can you replace a CCMS with version control such as Git or Mercurial?

Why incremental regeneration in Jekyll 3.0 is such a big deal

Version 3.0 of my Documentation theme for Jekyll released

Listen to Ed Marsh's Content Content podcast with me as a guest

How do you authenticate your documentation?

Moved my blog from WordPress to Jekyll

Integrating Documentation into engineering code and workflows

Recording and slides from "Jekyll vs. DITA: Bridging the Gap Between Tech Comm and the Web" presentation

Upcoming presentation: Jekyll versus DITA: Bridging the Gap between Tech Comm and the Web

Final analysis between DITA and Jekyll

Producing PDFs in DITA versus Jekyll

Reviewing content in DITA versus Jekyll

Creating links in DITA versus Jekyll

Building a table of contents with DITA versus Jekyll

Creating re-usable chunks (conref) in Jekyll versus DITA

Variables and conditional processing in Jekyll versus DITA

Check out Ed Marsh's podcast, and also My New series: Jekyll versus DITA

Reinventing the table of contents

Experimenting with Jekyll for tech comm

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