Posts in the wiki category touch upon wiki-related topics. Wikis were once a dominant way of publishing tech docs that isn't so common anymore.

The following content is in the wikis category:

Crowdsourcing docs with docs-as-code tools -- same result as with wikis?

When are wikis ever successful?

DocOps: Interview with Jim Turcotte

Two major Confluence problems: poor content re-use and lack of wiki markup

Strategies for content re-use in Confluence

Complex tools versus simple tools

Moving Between the Agora and the Desert

Turning Point (Wikis)

Writing Is Harder Than Most Think (Wikis)

A Guiding Metaphor (Wikis)

Community and Collaboration (Wikis)

Some Wiki Basics (Wikis)

Is Collaborative Authoring Over-Hyped?

The Need for Constant Updates (Wikis)

My Journey To and From Wikis: Why I Adopted Wikis, Why I Veered Away, and a New Model

Upcoming STC Webinar: Creating Help in a Wiki Environment

Confab 2012: Thoughts and Reactions

Differences between blogs and wikis, and why you might need both

Guest Post: Why I Love Wikis

Subpage Titles on Wikis -- Challenges, Conventions, and Compromises

Guest Post: Wikis Are the Future of Technical Documentation

Why don't technical writers use wikis — or do they?

What I Learned About Tech Comm During 2011

Wiki Culture, Reader/Writer Distinctions, and Divergence from Structured Authoring

Why I Returned to Wikis for Help Authoring

Diverging Directions for Tech Comm: Social Media or Structured Authoring

The Real Source of Findability

Review of Alan Porter's Wiki: Grow Your Own for Fun and Profit

Forum → Wiki → Blog Workflow

Using Mediawiki Templates to Organize Content [Organizing Content 13]

From Help Authoring Tools to Web Tools, Especially Wikis [Organizing Content 12]

Podcast: Trends in Technical Communication

Design Fixations with Mediawiki Skins

Ramping Up on Mediawiki

Wikis and the Holy Grail of Content Independence

A Few Surprises in Using a Wiki for Documentation

How Do Blogs and Wikis Fit Together?

Podcast with Anne Gentle about her Conversation and Community book

Review of Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation

Exporting Documentation to Wikis

Is This Meeting Really Necessary?

Implementing a Department Wiki? A Writer Shares Some Dos and Don'ts (Guest Post)

Anne Gentle on her Forthcoming Book, Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation

Anne Gentle to Give Virtual Presentation on Wikis on Thursday, April 23

Can SharePoint 2007 Be Used as a Help Authoring Tool?

Twitter Part II –- One Step Deeper

Podcast: Debunking the Boredom Myth of Technical Writing A New Wiki Help Authoring/Publishing Tool Hybrid

Scott Nesbitt Interview with Stewart Mader on Wikis

SharePoint Wikis: Both Liberating and Frustrating

Giving a Virtual Presentation to STC-Phoenix on Tuesday, May 13

Podcast: Embracing Wikis -- Interview with Stewart Mader

Podcast: Leading Your Company into the Wikis, Blogs, and Social Networks of Web 2.0

A Glimpse into the World of Agile Technical Writing, a.k.a. Extreme Technical Writing (XTW)

Technical Writing Careers -- Answering 13 Questions about Technical Writing Jobs

A Web 2.0 Documentation Idea Gone Wrong

Three new resources to check out

Wikis in Documentation: Ann Gentle Asks, Can Wikis Stand Alone, or Must They Be Supplements?

Installing Mediawiki Is Much Easier Than The Instructions Suggest -- My Quick 10 Step Tutorial for Installing Mediawiki

Wikis in Action — The Top 57 Wikis by Rank

Setting Up a Wiki in a Few Minutes — Installing Dokuwiki

Single Sourcing Wiki Tools for the Enterprise — Traction TeamPage5?

Wikinomics: Combining Wikis with Economics; the More You Share, the More You Win

Video on SharePoint 2007 Wiki, Blog, and RSS Functionality from Microsoft's Channel 9

RoboHelp to Wiki Conversion Tool

Using Wikis as Project Documentation Tools

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