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The following are tech comm links, articles, and thoughts for May 9, 2023.

What’s missing from the AI workflow: incentives for content creators to provide training data

I’ve been as hyped about AI as others, but there’s one issue I can’t quite wrap my mind around: how do content creators benefit? The return on investment (ROI) seems to be missing. In my mind, this could be the element that bursts the AI hype bubble and reduces this technology from 'total disruptor' to 'cool innovation.'

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Here are the latest tech comm articles and links for May 4, 2023.

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Here are tech comm news and links for May 2, 2023.

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Here are tech comm news and links for April 28, 2023.

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The latest techcomm news for April 24, 2023.

Meandering thoughts on my 2022 site analytics

I updated my site analytics page for the 2022 year. I usually do this at the turn of the year, particularly when renewing ads on the site, but this year I got lazy and postponed it until last weekend. In this post, I talk about a variety of site-related challenges and issues, from content focus to monetization and more.

Markprompt Q&A with Michael Fester

Last week I played around with Markprompt, integrating it in a basic way on my API doc site (click the Chat button). During the process, I had a few questions, mostly around how to optimize content for embedding. I asked the co-founder, Michael Fester, if he’d be up for a Q&A post, and he agreed. Our Q&A exchange covers everything covers everything from the history of Markprompt to strategies for links, analytics workflows, optimal page sizes, preventing hallucination, structure and semantics, branding, privacy, and more. If you’re looking to move toward integrating GPT-style chat into your docs, especially with Markprompt, this post might help clarify some details.

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Here's a summary of the latest tech comm news for April 20, 2023.

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AI chat interfaces could become the primary user interface to read documentation

AI topics have saturated online posts ad nauseam, and I wouldn’t add yet another post to the endless list of speculative theorizing unless I believed I had a genuine light bulb moment. In this post, here's what I argue:–AI chat interfaces could become the primary user interface that people use to read documentation, not documentation websites themselves.–AI chats will enable novices to tackle more advanced tasks, leading to an explosion of technical innovation.–Documentation will provide the information source that AI chat engines need to respond to queries.–Both tech writers and machines will write the information source.

Using AI tools to look up words and provide mini-poems to help remember their meaning

I've been using AI to look up vocabulary terms. Not just to provide definitions, but to provide sample sentences, etymology, and a mini poem to help remember the meaning. It's fun and a lot faster than looking up words one by one. The most fun part is the poem, which is often delightful.

A script that creates a new Jekyll post and populates it with YAML frontmatter, and also makes a curl call to add a Rebrandly shortlink

I wanted to make it easier to create new blog post files in Jekyll, so I made a script that automates some of this functionality. (This is also an example of how AI tools can help you write code.)

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The following are a few interesting links related to tech comm I've been reading this week.

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The following are a few interesting links related to tech comm I've been reading this week.