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The beginners category lists posts suitable for people new to the field of technical writing, including students, transitioning professionals, or others new to the technical communication field.

The following content is in the beginners category:

How to meet other technical writers in Seattle -- WTD Seattle coffee chats

Write the Docs Podcast episode 27: Starting a doc group/process when you're the first

Write the Docs Podcast episode 26: Technical writing and Reddit, with Alan Bowman

Podcast with Jacob Moses on the Not-Boring Tech Writer: Skill #26: Getting Started with API Documentation

Write the Docs Podcast episode 16: An open-source Grammarly for tech docs?

Question: Which software tools should I use if my goal is to write API docs?

The problem with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in documentation

TC Camp in Santa Clara to be held Jan 21, 2017

Review of Coding for Writers course by Peter Gruenbaum on Udemy

How can technical writers thrive in agile environments? Event recording and details

The variety of tools tech comm professionals use

My technical communication contribution to the UX Careers Handbook

Answering questions in James Gill's upcoming book, How to Get Started as a Technical Writer

Tell me about your career as a technical writer...

Udemy podcast (with me) and infographic on technical writing

Question: If you weren't a technical writer, what would you be?

Question: What qualities should technical writers have to work at startups?

Podcast: The divide between academics and practitioners -- Interview with Lisa Meloncon A new online learning resource for DITA by Scriptorium

Reader question: How do I move forward out of a stagnant tech writing career?

Build a technical writing portfolio by writing documentation for startups

Three questions people ask me each week

How can technical writers cut through engineering jargon and decode complex information?

Why no one stopped by my technical writing booth at career fair day

Introduction to technical writing -- slides and audio recording

Newbie to Technical Writer in 4 Easy Steps

Top 10 posts, podcasts, tweets of 2014 -- and what it all means

Writing skills versus technical skills, or, What I realized in solving a Sudoku puzzle

Do I need to take courses in technical writing? Guest post by Laura Palmer

Get a technical writing internship or on-the-job experience without having much time for it

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Technical Writing

Podcast on Technical Writing

Professional Technical Writing Careers -- Answers to Questions, by Cheryl Landes

Professional Technical Writing Careers -- Questions and Answers, by Steve Goldberg

How Can Newbies Learn Tech Comm Tools Given Their Cost?

Q&A: What should my major be for a career in technical writing?

Guest Post: Is Technical Writing Creative?

What Tools Do Technical Writers Use

Should You Get a Graduate Degree in Technical Writing?

Collaborative Post: Why Is the "Technical" More Important Than the "Writing"

Collaborative Post: Giving Guidance to a Masters Student about Technical Writing Careers

Are Certificate Programs Helpful for Transitioning into Technical Writing? [Collaborative Post]

Students Contemplate Whether a Technical Writing Career Will Be Fulfilling

Why No One Will Hire You: 40 Professionals Give Advice on Improving a Technical Writer's Resume [Collaborative Post]

40 Foundational Books for Technical Writing

More Students Questions about Technical Writing

Answers About the Field of Technical Writing for Students

Perspectives on a Career in Technical Writing: Responses from 16 Tech Comm Professionals

Changing Your Career to Technical Writing [Guest Responses from Bill Albing and Alyssa Fox]

"Tom Johnson: A Modern Day Technical Writer" -- NIU Article

Story (Overlooked)

Epiphany: Cross Pollination (Overlooked)

Crisis Point: Problems with Multiple Roles (Overlooked)

Catalyst 4: Wiki Manager (Overlooked)

Catalyst 6: QA Testing (Overlooked)

Catalyst 2: User Experience (Overlooked)

Catalyst 1: Audiovisual Role (Overlooked)

The Yearning: Career Trajectory (Overlooked)

The Problem: "Just a Writer" (Overlooked)

Podcast on getting a job in technical writing (TW Job)

Move to a tech hub city to find a job in technical writing (TW Job)

Start a blog (TW Job)

Top Trends in Technical Communication

Put together a portfolio (TW Job)

Learn some tools (TW Job)

Get real experience doing technical writing (TW Job)

Learn the basics of technical writing (TW Job)

An Interview About Technical Writing

STC 2008 Salary Database -- See Salaries for Technical Writers in Your State

Introduction to getting a job in technical writing (TW Job)

Creativity in the Workplace

A Refreshing Angle on the Name of our Profession

Real Projects for Entry-Level Writers Trying to Build Their Portfolios

Introduction to Technical Writing (podcast)

Transitioning from Literary Studies to Technical Communication

Podcast: Debunking the Boredom Myth of Technical Writing

Becoming a Writer -- Reflections on a Trip to Idaho

Get Training in Technical Writing

Technical Writing -- Worth it? Interesting? Creative? Well-Paid? Hours? Answering a Few Questions from Saudi Arabia

Technical Writing Careers -- Answering 13 Questions about Technical Writing Jobs

"Could you please tell me what the job of a technical writer is like?"

How to Break into Technical Writing

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Tom Johnson

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